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sheeping out
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Date:2007-04-14 11:40
Subject:oh, the potter-ness

lord, if i could stay away from it. but it has begun!

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Date:2007-01-09 21:41
Subject:A moment to recognize the passing

of Momofuku Ando. Never has a man enabled me more through my financially strapped years. Thank you for 14 cent noodles and salty snacks.

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Date:2006-09-27 19:34
Subject:mars mars mars


that little handy-dandy link gets you to the season premiere of veronica mars, and as someone in the comments so aptly put it, the premiere "shits all over season 2"

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Date:2006-09-16 07:23
Subject:indie boys can so dance


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Date:2005-05-02 21:38
Subject:Dear John,


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Date:2005-04-14 16:16
Subject:Purple Messes

Leg waxing? Yeah, not my forte and they don't give near enough of those strips of paper. Thank you to the nice lady at Options for cleaning up the wax (and the ensuing cat hair that got stuck) that I'm too clumsy to get off. Also, when they say get the stuff hot, they mean hot hot hot. Not boiling, but runny.

However, a multi-tasker I am. Upgraded and painted my toe nails at the same time. Who ever said a girl couldn't look great and keep a good job?

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Date:2005-04-13 09:27
Subject:Covert Op

While the aforementioned Operation Lose Ten Pounds, really didn't go swimmingly, and I haven't actually lost anything, according to the belly button depth test, I'm doing alright. My belly button is at least 3/8" less deep than it was three weeks ago, which isn't a bad start. So while the diet itself is less extreme and, really, the broccoli slaw and I didn't last that long (I did love you. I did.), nor did the write down everything you eat, I managed to cut out beer, eat the whole grain toast and hummus, instead of the white bread and butter, and use Raisinets as my chocolate fix.

Operation Make Work Suck Less is not really fully speed ahead or anything. I go in, I work, I goof off, I go home and watch West Wing till the hate part of my brain calms down (this is instead of the beer, and really Allison Janney is good for every part of your brain). Then, when my allergies have not sent me into a tailspin of AGONY, and my glasses have not cause intense dizziness for at least the past twenty minutes, I call zoeycleybourne and ask her to play, which is definitely contributing to Operation Enjoy Life More. I am determined to quit eating at the same old places (with the obvious exception of Hiroshi's and Sushi Nabe, because mmmmm) and try new foods (Papi's! Cuban sammiches!) at a reasonable price, because, God, they exist. For the record, the most stress-relieving evening that could exist: calamari, shrimp on ice, crab pizza, followed by really, really fabulous cheesecake and torte on a deck overlooking Coolidge Park; SWINGING beside the river, and trying to talk through the little speaker-y thing in the "Kids 2-5 Only Please" section (which totally does not work).

I think I'm falling in love with Chattanooga. That perhaps is because it's closer than Atlanta, but the river and it's associated parks definitely has a lot to do with it, as well. I think the lack of the city feel, but availability of city amenities is nice. There are just enough Kerry stickers to make me not completely fear the politics. And hell, they're going to have sting ray petting at the aquarium very soon! Who does not want to be close to that?

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Date:2005-03-29 13:06
Subject:Ashes and snow

This project attempts to lift the natural and artificial barriers between humans and other species, dissolving the distance that exists between them. Colbert believes that nature doesn't have a style; it has a voice. He chose to collaborate with various animals in their native habitats in an effort to be true to each animal's voice. Thus Ashes and snow can be viewed as a work of art as well as a poetic field study.

Ashes and snow aims to reawaken in us an understanding of our shared animal nature. This insight will affect the way we behave in our environment and help us find the empathy and wisdom to interact peacefully in a world that was once one.

-- from ashesandsnow.org

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Date:2005-03-18 08:18
Subject:Operation Everything

Operation Lose Ten Pounds - Which should be twenty, but god, do you know how hard ten is? We are on day 3, and the fact that I made it past day one is encouragement enough at this juncture. Embrace the broccoli slaw, my friend, for with a little light mayo and celery salt it is crunchy, veggie goodness. And, I suppose, high in something good for me. Make love to your celery (or, you know, don't literally 'cause, gack, veggie sex!) and smother it in tuna salad goodness. Realize that corn, though you love it, is not always your friend, nor is the potato. (Or as the Zoom Bait Company would have you believe, potatoe. I shit you not. See it at softbaits.com. Go ahead. Scroll around the colors and look for "sweet potatoe" or "tomatoe.") Also, helping me along peanuts. High in cholesterol, but dear God, so good for you in moderation. Yes, that's MODERATION. Moderation is: four thin mint cookies instead of the sleeve; two margaritas instead of six beers; just a thin layer of goat cheese instead of the galooped dollops that you so you love.

I'm finding JR's webpad/notes program extremely helpful. Webpad's a little less fancy than notes, but still your portable stuff.txt. I can keep track of what I'm eating and figure out what I suck at. That, I think, is key to figuring out what's going to work for me, because I do love food, and hate cutting out certain things. But at least I can figure out what to work around.

Operation Make Work Suck Less - I think realizing that I'm toting all the badness from the office with me has completely changed my attitude at work too. I am far more about the blunt now. I can not deal with this half-assed instruction and style of management. If you're going to micro-manage me, which I fucking hate and resent, at least do it right asswipe. It has made working with the most evil boss of all time a lot easier.

The actual work has gotten better. That is, I'm enjoying the projects I'm working on and feeling valued for doing a good job. Also, 3D-software allows you to make pretty models, which apparently, is all the head engineers want. I think as far as the drafting industry I have learned all I can here, and am trying to push myself into the CAD side. Which, if I really pursue over the next year, I will be set when I graduate.

Operation Enjoy Life More - I am sucking at this one. Note to self: Do better here.

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Date:2005-03-09 14:15
Subject:Oh, for the love of Mike.

Why will I never pay attention to spoiler warnings? Am I really so dense? Curse you, leaky! And, my own damn curiosity.

But seriously, surely JKR didn't intend to have a super-huge spoiler as the adult cover of HBP?

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Date:2005-03-08 08:38

[For the purpose of this post, let's emply a common fanfiction naming technique. We are dealing with two bosses, both of whom I refer to as "my boss" usually. We shall refer to them here as store!boss and evil-corporate-blow!boss]

Sometimes all it takes to put things in perspective is a good talking to, pretty girls, and a fabulous boy.

Things have been ridiculous at work to the point of frustration and a few tears. Although those tears come at the most inopportune times; like when you're at your other job and your damn, 1000-item invoice will not match up with your inventory. It's amazing that frustration that you've been pushing down will crop up at the oddest times, like when you are not around anything that you are frustrated at, but only mildly irrated at. I sat in the bathroom of the store for about five minutes sobbing and thinking, "But, goddammit, this is the fun job." I think store!boss might have realized what was going on (for the love of grace, I hope not the crying, but the pure rage) and said, "Look you don't get paid enough to worry about this. Put the difference under shipping, and quit sweating it."

Perhaps it was the acknowledgement that at a job, you get paid a certain amount to worry about x, not the x times a billion that you're doing just for the good of company.

I do have to say that I am finally into straight designing, not something huge and imposing and that really I do not have the experience to do. They did that last year and it did not go so well. But something that I am fully capable of even though it challenges me. And while I still do not respect evil-corporate-blow!boss an ounce, I'm okay with what I'm doing again.

That has made some difference, but really it took someone bitch-slapping a cranky me into just talking about it for a change rather than being short and snappy with everyone all the time. Spending a weekend having a really great, pure all-out-party fun helped too. DT closed up Into the Woods, and I dragged Eric to the strike party. And while the cast sort of gathered in one room, the techies and pure DT folks let loose in DT girl on girl style. So, despite my doubts that Eric would have fun, I'm guessing he stayed entertained.

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Date:2005-03-04 16:36
Subject:Memo to me: Maim you after my meeting.

Dear Pallavi,

Our records show that you have not completed a single book in MONTHS, and yet you continue to buy them. Fucking get your head into something other than you laptop, you fruit. Scrubs has no intellectual gain to give you. You have a veritble party platter of books scattered about your room from Nabakov, the first page of which you loved, to the recently bought McKay's items including some Hunter S. Thompson THAT YOU ACCIDENTLY THREW OUT BEFORE YOU COULD READ, freak. Way to get around to buying those books again.(1) And the Marquez! You made it to page 15! You were doing so well.

Do we have to go out and find you some short stories? Is that the only thing that will do it? You know, just do me one favor. Don't go out tonight. You've gone out every night this week, and you still have the hangover from last night. Just go home, and don't get a beer when you get home. Go home, sweep up the cat litter, and then pick up a book. Don't even bother to find the latest Gilmore Girls torrent. Leave your laptop closed. No, don't even check the weather. You know it's going to be raining tomorrow. Don't fucking bother. Go home and gather up your books. Close your eyes and touch one. Pick up that book and read at least 50 pages tonight. That's not much, you anti-intellectual freak.

Your Inner Student

(1)Can I just say...what? A writer dies and all of a sudden McKay's is chockful of the man's books. I really should have checked out Arthur Miller a few weeks ago.

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Date:2005-02-15 08:52

I got these for $18 dollars people. That's, like, a bajillion percent off. Ah, and in black, although the brandy that's show was available.

And man, boy, do I feel ghe-heTO, but I also found Tommy Hilfiger jersey knit sheets for like 25 bucks. And as every brand of jersey knit sheets was the same price, I went for color. Only Tommy had the scream-out-loud-red that rocked my face off. It's perfect for the living room pull-out that's normally hidden away when people that aren't me are around.

(Yeah, I do keep my loud, loud taste a little hidden. For example, underneath my daper work clothing lives CRAZY, STRIPED SOCKS.)

Have I mentioned work lately? It stinks.

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Date:2005-01-20 16:19
Subject:identity, sexism, and racism

My exploration into identity versus sexismCollapse )

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Date:2004-11-09 16:52
Subject:Leavin' town!

I'm updating here because the lack of vim and updating index pages and old page links and things seems soooo much easier at the moment. But on Friday I'm totally on my way outta here for a little more than a month for a completely kick-ass time in India!

Things going to be done there:

1. Meeting my cousin's new husband! I've heard fabulous things about him, and they seem quite the lovely couple from their pictures. Plus, she chose him, so he's gotta be cool right? And then...

2. Seeing her brother get married! I haven't been to an Indian wedding in India since I was like 5, especially a family wedding. So this should be a cool experience. Said experience will involve the whole groom's wedding party hopping an overnight train to the wedding's location (which I butcher every time I try to say, so I think I shall refrain) and insanely pretty new clothes.

3. Seeing my baby cousins all older than 14! Their voices are all done changing, and one is well on his way to being a golf champion while the other is on his way KICK-ASS, WORLD CLASS motorcross kid (takin' after his dad). A couple are already in college!

4. See the Taj Mahal! Hang out with Uncle Bill and Aunt Meiko from Japan (AM's side)! See AM get sick all over India. And man, hope against hope on that last one. The trip will tire her out as will the complete onslaught of new, enormous family. But she's more excited than I am. And I know my brother will glow all over again introducing her to the family. Man, will ever not be the most adorable couple in the entire world?

5. Hit up the forest and both uncles' farms! My recent favorite part of India has been the quiet of the rural areas. It's free of the pollution and the noise. The forest is a jungle preserve complete with elephant rides and wild buffalo spottings and tiny resorts with individual bungalows and communal eating areas and the BEST FOOD EVER. Good food in the middle of no where should be a requirement for every middle of no where in existence. My uncles' farms are my retreats. When I remember how much I love being alone and can't find the solitude I run away there, to the middle of no where flanked by two large dogs (one now, I think) and fresh coconut water instead of the crazy bottled junk. Last time I went to Indian, in 1999, there was one, now both of my mother's brothers own one. Which can only mean more family picnics!

There's more, there's a ton ton ton TON more, and we'll be squeezing it all in 5 weeks. And I will want to write lengthy entries about all of it. And I, of course, will fail. But this is what I've got coming up. I'm afraid this is my general good-bye to most of you simple because, damn, I'm outta time. So here far, far in advance: Merry Christmas! So wish me a safe and swift flight. And see most of next year!

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Date:2004-11-02 13:08
Subject:Direct Your Fluff Here

I know everyone has recommended books to me a thousand times before, but in about a week and a half I'll be in transit, so to speak, for a very long, "hangin' out with da 'rents" boring time.

So, that said, I need fluff. A big pile of fluffy pretty books that I can pick up and put down, that will not throw me in any odd emotion, nor offend my parents. (Yeah, that last one? My dad asked me if Lord of the Rings had anything to do with cults. And really, I'm already cranky enough about the idea of being on a plane that long.)

But tell me what to read! (Artemis Fowl is on the list Leah! Think I can find it at McKay's?)

Also, it's November 2nd. West Wing, Season 3 is out! Woohoo! And there's that whole election thing.

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Date:2004-10-27 13:06
Subject:For you Potter folk out there:

hp_art_deck is one of the cooler HP projects I've seen. There's some lovely stuff on it.

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Date:2004-10-25 12:59
Subject:The People I Love...

with the exception of numbers 8, 2, and 1. Y'all are just freaks.

Dorkstorm: The Annihilation

And adding to your list of links:

A MoveOn bit that doesn't scare the socks off of you.

And Joss gets behind Kerry. More Buffy in celebration!

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Date:2004-10-07 13:31

A quiz, for fluffier side of life.

For the record, I'm a hybrid of the girl next door, the progressive girl, and the indie girl.

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Date:2004-08-26 16:19
Subject:blargh part II: the un-blarghing

so, making a big deal outta nothin'? check.

i am now, even if a little less financially viable, happy.

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